Downloads only for licensed users of versions 5.0 and 5.1. Activation keys are required

Basic Circuits Challenge Lite


A reduced function version of Basic Circuits Challenge. Each lesson has fully worked out example circuits. FREE!

Basic Circuits Challenge 5.1


The Basic Circuits Challenge App is a set of fifteen interactive lessons that let students learn by “doing”. Each lesson has fully worked out example circuits. Same as Electricity Challenge.

DC Circuits Challenge  5.1


Add interest to your electricity and electronics classes! Students can learn more easily using interesting interactive computer based lessons.

AC Circuits Challenge 5.1


Teach or learn AC electronics the easy way! Learn by doing. This application helps you teach or learn both circuit analysis and troubleshooting.

Digital Challenge 5.1


Binary, octal and hex number systems and math are covered. Exercises on gates, truth tables, Boolean Algebra and flip-flops are also included.

Solid-State Challenge 5.1


Diodes and transistor basic theory and testing are covered. Exercises are  available for transistor amplifier analysis and troubleshooting.

Op Amp Challenge 5.1


Analyze and design common Op Amp circuits including inverting, noninverting and difference amplifiers. The program includes several troubleshooting activities.

Power Supply Challenge 5.1


Troubleshoot several linear power supply circuits using an on screen oscilloscope or digital voltmeter. Some very challenging activities are included.

Ohmmeter Challenge 5.1


Learn to test and troubleshoot several circuit types using a digital ohmmeter.Several activities are very challenging even for the experienced technician.

Voltmeter Challenge 5.1


Learn to analyze circuit faults and troubleshoot using a digital voltmeter. The activities are challenging as one must think carefully to find the faults.

Trigonometry Challenge 5.1


This program consists of learning activities for the solution to numerical trig problems. Covers angular measurement, Pythagorean Theorem, Law of Sines, Law of Cosines and basic trig functions.

Problems downloading under Windows 10 ?

Windows 10 is delivered set to only download programs from the Window Store. In order to use programs from other sources you must change some setting as described below.

(1) Click the Windows key at the lower left of your keyboard

(2) Click the settings button.

(3) Click Apps

(4) Under " Where to get apps" Choose "Anywhere"

You can now use apps from sources other than from the Windows Store.