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ETCAI Products develops and distributes software for use in teaching and learning electricity and electronics. We offer 10 program titles as listed on the Home page of the web site. Feel free to download and try the software with absolutely no obligation. You may load the programs on your laboratory computers so that students can help evaluate the value of the software.

Making the learning of electricity and electronics interesting and engaging is our primary objective. Students do not simply look at pictures and words using our software. Students are continously engaged and "doing" rather than passively reading and looking. Measurements must be made and analyzed. Circuit quantities must be calculated. Parts must be identified. The activities are all constructed from randomly selected parameters. This means that students can reuse the same activity numerous times without seeing the same problem or circuit fault.

ETCAI Products is committed to making effective educational software available at reasonable prices with a simple unlimited site license. However, your school district or company may want Enterprise-wide licenses to allow the use of the software at all schools within a school district or at all sites within a company. Email us for a price quotation.

Our first program was released in June of 1993. We continuously update and expand our software.