Mac OSX and Chromebook 

Our software is designed to run on any version of Windows. We do not have a version for any other operating system nor do we support our software on operating systems other than Windows at this time. We are vigorously working to bring our software to Mac OSX and Chromebooks as soon as robust support can be offered. This does not prevent teachers and students from using our software on any operating system that can be made to run the programs. We have listed some work arounds that can be used to run our software on Mac OSX and Chromebooks with absolutely no guarantees of success. 

Mac OSX Computers

It is possible to run the programs on Mac OSX computers using third party software. Unfortunately, these programs are not all free. Some available options are listed below. The quality of the listed products is unknown. We are not affiliated with the companies that produce these programs.

(1)   Parallels listed price  is $79.99 per computer.

(2)   CrossOver for Mac is priced at $39.95 per computer per year.

(3)     Wine is free but complicated to use.


There are a number of ways to run Windows based applications on Chromebooks. At this point, some free methods are complicated to implement. Some computer expertise and patience is required for success. Several methods are listed below.

(1) Use Crossover Chrome OS -  From CodeWeavers @ $39.95  Use the link below

(2) Parallels has an option for Enterprise Chromebook Licenses that allow Windows apps to run on Chromebooks.

(3) Use PlayOnLinux - Free - One must carefully follow the instructions on the website below:

Read and follow instructions carefully. Any deviation or error will cause failure. This process requires a chromebook with an Intel processor. You must update your Chromebook to version 84 or later before beginning.  

The Windows programs to be installed must be downloaded using the browser. The installer(s) must then be copied into the PlayOnLinux file structure using the Chromebook file app. 

Programs launched by PlayOnLinux will be delayed ( Up to a minute!) in starting but will run at normal speed. 

(4) Wine is free but complicated to use.