Mobirise Site Builder



(1) How often do the licenses have to be renewed?

Never - Our licenses are perpetual. New versions may require an update fee.

(2) What is the difference in the trial programs and the licensed programs?

The trial programs run for 7 days with all features engaged. The licensed programs run indefinitely.

(3) The program image is too small on my screen. Is there any way to make it larger?

Our programs are mostly 600 by 800 pixels in size. You can enlarge the image for higher resolution display monitors by use of the process below on Windows 10.

(a) Right click on desktop before starting the Challenge program.

(b) Click "Display settings".

(c) Scroll down the display page to "Scale and layout".

(d) Click the right side of the block to show options.

(e) Click on 125%. This should make most programs large enough to be easily used.

(f) Start the Challenge program of your choice.

You may want to set the Scale and layout back after use of the challenge programs. A few of our programs have a resolution of 480 by 600. Some users set their resolution to 150% for these programs.

(4) Do you still offer unlimited site licenses?

Yes. Unlimited site licenses allow you to use any number of copies of the software at one low fixed price. The site license allows an unlimited number of copies to be used on site computers and file servers. In addition, the unlimited site may optionally allow students, faculty and employees to use up to two copies of the software on home computers and notebooks.

(5) Is there a difference in the Site license programs and the programs available from the Windows Store?

The programs are functionally identical except for the installation process. Windows Store programs are installed directly by the store software on a per copy basis. Windows Store Challenge programs only work on Windows 10. Site license buyers receive a master copy of the software via download. An activation key is also supplied that can be shared with all eligible users at the licensed site. In addition, the site license version will work on all Windows versions from 98 to 10. Site license master copies and keys can be replaced at no cost.