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Our site licenses allow unlimited use of the licensed software at a single physical site such as a school or college campus, an industrial site, or military base. Any number of copies of the licensed software may be used on both workstations and servers. In addition, licensed sites have the option to allow students and employees to use a copy of the software on their home computers and laptops. For more information view the EULA and FAQ regarding our software. Your license documents and activation codes will be supplied via email. You must turn on pop-ups if you are using the Windows 10 Edge browser.   School/College 15% Discount Code STE362 

(1) Basic Circuits Challenge Site License $229.00           AKA "Electricity Challenge"

(2) DC Circuits Challenge Site License $229.00

(3) AC Circuits Challenge Site License $229.00

(4) Digital Challenge Site License  $229.00

(5) Ohmmeter Challenge Site License $229.00

(6) Voltmeter Challenge Site License  $229.00

(7) Solid-State Challenge Site License $229.00         AKA "Transistor Challenge"

(8) Power Supply Challenge Site License  $229.00

(9) Op Amp Challenge Site License  $229.00

(10) Trigonometry Challenge Site License $229.00

Purchase Orders

We accept all school, college, and corporate purchase orders from credit worthy organizations. Please use the information below to prepare your purchase order. Simply order programs by the titles as listed below. You will receive a license key for each program that converts the trial programs to licensed programs. Please contact us if you have any questions about ordering our software.


(1) Basic Circuits Challenge 5.1
(2) DC Circuits Challenge 5.1
(3) AC Circuits Challenge 5.1
(4) Digital Challenge 5.1
(5) Solid-State Challenge 5.1
(6) Op Amp Challenge 5.1
(7) Power Supply Challenge 5.1
(8) Ohmmeter Challenge 5.1
(9) Voltmeter Challenge 5.1
(10) Trigonometry Challenge 5.1


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